My Commitment to 2019


For me, when New Year’s Eve rolls around, it’s hard not to reflect back on the year. It feels natural to consider the year as a whole, and to start setting some intentions for the year to come. While I’m not a big fan of the new year’s resolutions thing, I do think there’s a special buzz and energy to starting a fresh new year where YOU are LIMITLESS, possibilities are endless, and the past is the past. We seriously can do anything -- that’s the power of humankind. We are incredibly capable, and can make anything happen if we just get out of our own way.

I won’t bore you with the “learn how to make homemade salad dressings” or “find 2-3 reliable babysitters” sort of stuff that I hope to do for 2019. I’ll keep this high level and focus on the big stuff.

The thing is, when we make a laundry list of lofty goals to accomplish over the next 12 months, they are unlikely to happen. So this year, while I do have a list of things big and small that I hope to accomplish, I’ve chosen ONE THEME that matters most. This theme takes centerstage, and everything else is just a bonus.

Drum roll please….(this is a big one for me)....

The lucky winner of a theme for 2019 is WRITING (this may sound snoozy, but hang tight). In the last few months, it’s become clear to me that it is my time to write. And I’m not only talking about writing in my personal journal that I do most days lately but to share more of my work. I’ve become very passionate about all things motherhood; the good, bad, mundane, the exhilarating, the sleep woes, identity changes, lifestyle changes, never-ending transitions, etc. etc. etc. It is such a beautiful component to life but it’s also hard AF, and I think there’s an extreme need to talk about it -- all of it -- and share experiences more.

Women (speaking about mothers specifically here) have this amazing ability to walk around gracefully as if they’ve got it all figured out.

But motherhood is as messy as it is majestic.

Unbeknownst to me before the birth of my son (now 14 months), motherhood is totally my jam. It has become such a part of my life purpose, which is NOT what I had envisioned years ago. It has made so much of my life make sense. I love being a mom, talking about all things motherhood, and helping another momma out whenever I can.

In 2019, I’ll be writing a lot about motherhood.
In 2019, I am committed to my personal writing 365 days (holy shit!!).
In 2019, I will publish a book (holy shit x 1,465,139).

That all feels a bit scary to write, but also badass and empowering. I am sharing this with you to not only hold myself accountable (I’M THE WORST AT GOALS (ask my husband and BFF)), but hopefully to instill just a tiny spark of inspiration into you so you know that YOU TOO can do the things you never thought were possible. It all starts with planting the seed.

My seeds (quite literally, my WORDS) are planted, starting here, today. Not tomorrow, not the next day. (I hope you’ll help me water them with random check-ins, feedback, and inspiration. Lord knows I will need it!!!). If you’re not following me now on IG or signed up for my emails which are non-existent at the moment), please do so now.

What seeds will you plant? What seeds will you nourish in 2019? And, how can I help you water yours?

Blessings as you kick off the new year,
- Katie

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